The human clock operator however has a reaction time to each clock stoppage averaging 0.5 to 0.7 seconds.  That can add up to over one minute of lost time in EACH GAME!  Not to mention that at the end of close contests, when in the last minute tenths of a second are displayed, these “clock slippages” become a point of contention especially for the team that is losing, often leading to game interruptions to adjust the clock. 

Precision Time eliminates this by using the latest technology to stop the clock INSTANTLY when the referee blows the whistle.  By using radio technology to communicate between the referee and the scorer’s table the clock is stopped at the speed of light.  The Precision Time System further enhances game clock operation by giving the on court referees the capability to restart the clock through their PTS belt pack.  The full capability of Precision Time reduces the amount of clock reviews, improving game flow and allowing all participants to FOCUS ON THE GAME!!
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