Our new PTS-900 system is a result of over 20 years of experience working in collaboration with

our most demanding customers. This new system features several significant technological

improvements to our previous systems, improving both the basic performance and providing

more clear information to the operator. These new features include: 




1. Interactive Touchscreen- The Brain of the PTS-900 system is an Android-based operating

system. The interactive Touchscreen allows for easy access to diagnostic information

regarding belt pack connectivity, battery strength status, as well as Game Clock data.

Software upgrades can be implemented simply through an internet connection. This will

allow for timely software updates and installation of new software features as needed.



2. Enhanced Whistle Recognition - The PTS-900 system now uses a new patented calibration

of the referee’s whistle taken before each game to generate a reference point for stopping

the clock during play. This significantly enhances the performance of the system in stopping

the clock by personalizing each belt pack to the way each individual referee sounds his/her

whistle. It has been extensively tested and proven reliable with the Fox 40 Classic Whistle.



3. Data Collection/Time Stamping - Our patented event tracking technology allows the

PTS-900 to record each clock event (starts/stops) and store the data on an internal SD

card. With the ever increasing scrutiny placed on accurate game clock operation these data

files are becoming an essential part of post game reports requested by conference offices.

The standard data file includes the referee (identified by belt pack #) that initiates the event,

the game clock time, period of play, shot clock time, and the delta time, which is the real

time between each action. Files are stored and retrievable in a report form for review and

analysis. The game time in the file can be generated either from an internal clock that can

be set/adjusted through the user interface, or by utilizing data output from the scoreboard

controller; for which the latter will provide the most accurate time as well as the shot clock

time for each event.



4. Multiple channel selection - the PTS-900 can be set to any one of over 250 channels on the

RF spectrum, which allows flexibility when deploying the system in environments that may

have other RF interference from diverse sources such as security, foodservice, media, and

other concerns. This channel flexibility also allows the Precision Time System to be

implemented easily in multiple countries with different regulations regarding open channels

in the spectrum. 



5. Connectivity - the PTS-900 will have the capability for wireless internet connectivity, which

will allow for easy access to software updates as well as for data retrieval and monitoring as

needed. The PTS-900 also has 2 USB ports for downloading game files for review.

The PTS-900 is a collection of the latest technologies brought together to form a timing system

that is clearly the gold standard in the sport of basketball. In addition there is tremendous

potential for Precision Time to be effective in enhancing the game clock operation in many other

sports including:

 Men’s Lacrosse


 Water Polo

 Football (Using our manual stop belt pack)

 HS and College Soccer (Using our manual stop belt pack)




(The PTS900E is the version for clients in Europe.)                                                                                               



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