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Michael Costabile, President CEOWe've integrated revolutionary technology with years of experience in Officiating to optimize accuracy in TIME keeping.

We've developed a system which precisely tracks and controls playing time at the speed of light, and virtually eliminates human error and reaction time as a factor in the equation. The PRECISION TIME SYSTEMS® assures equitable allocation and management of minutes, seconds and tenths of seconds, and guarantees accuracy in all aspects of TIME keeping.

After numerous years of painstaking research and development, revolutionary new technology has been integrated into the PRECISION TIME SYSTEMS®. In order to protect the integrity of the Game as well as the reputation of the home team, we are using the same technology which protects our military aircraft from enemy interference. Signal interference, crowd noises, other whistles, band playing and hacker attempts to defeat our system are excluded as potential hazards.

All PRECISION TIME SYSTEMS® equipment is solid-state and able to withstand the rigors of all sports.

As the President of the Precision Time Systems Company and the inventor, I want to thank you for visiting our web site and invite you to explore the implementation of our equipment in your Sports program.

Michael J. Costabile
Michael J. Costabile, President


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