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  • What is The Precision Time Systems? Its a small computer that is connected to the arena or stadium game clock, that allows the on court or on field Officials to start or stop the game clock. This is done at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second). The Officials whistle stops the clock, and the switch on the belt pack starts the clock.
  • How the Systems Work The Precision Time Systems works via a radio transmitter in the belt pack worn by the officials. Attached to the belt pack is an omni directional microphone which docks in the microphone adapter on the lanyard just below the whistle. When an official blows the whistle, the belt pack recognizes the frequency of the FOX 40 whistle and sends a radio signal to the base station receiver that is connected to the scoreboard controller, stopping the clock at the speed of light. The Precision Time System not only stops the clock, it gives the official timer the ability to restart the clock, as well as each official. Each belt pack has a restart button, so the clock can be started from the floor, if necessary.
  • What happens without the Precision Time System? The Official blows the whistle, the Clock Operator then pushes a button to stop the clock. Also if the game Clock Operator can not see the game Official signal to start the Game Clock it does not get started at the proper time. Then it's too late! It should not have happened!
  • While the Precision Time System is used by the NBA and a majority of college conferences, it is NOT USED by the NCAA Basketball  Tournaments.  The decision not to use the system in the NCAA Division I Men's & Women's Tournaments lies solely with the NCAA.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
*****  Press Release March 25, 2014  *****

In response to the enormous number of phone calls, emails, and texts to our office regarding the plethora of clock issues that have taken place through the first week of the NCAA tournament, Precision Time Systems Inc would like to clarify that the Precision Time System used throughout the regular season is NOT being used in the NCAA Division I Men's (and Women's) basketball tournaments. 
The NCAA has stated repeatedly that they are "satisfied with their game procedures".  The game clock is being operated manually during the tournament.

We congratulate the 58 Precision Time customers that qualified for the 68 team field

Michael Costabile,  President
Precision Time Systems

           WRALSPORTSFAN.COM has done an excellent article on this event and you can read it:  CLICK HERE                    


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